When Buying or Selling a Florida Business
Contracts can be complicated. We can help.

Looking to sell or buy a business?  The Law Offices of Vassallo, Bilotta, Friedman, & Davis can assist you with this process.  Whether it’s drafting or reviewing a Purchase Sale Agreement, our law firm can help.  There are many items, other than the purchase or sales price, to address in buying or selling a business.  If you are purchasing a business, our law firm will perform a lien search and records review with the state of Florida, Division of Corporations.  We will also require any and all financial records be part of and attached to the contract so that they may be timely reviewed by the buyer.  We will also make sure the terms of the agreement are fair and adequately reflect your understanding of the transaction.  Our firm will form the appropriate business entity for your purchase and provide all of the appropriate agreements for your new entity.  If needed, we will provide operating agreements or bylaws, shareholder agreements, subscription agreements, etc.  If you are selling a business, we will draft the Purchase and Sale Agreement, member or shareholder resolution and consent, promissory notes, and any other items that are required for the sale of your business.