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Traffic Accidents

Did you know that motor vehicle accidents are becoming more common?
Bad drivers are allowing themselves to be even more distracted by talking on cell phones and texting while driving on our roadways. Auto Accidents cause over 3 million injuries a year which can have serious effects on you and family members should you or they become the victim of a motor vehicle crash. You or a loved one may become seriously injured, with a permanent disability. Loss of income due to an inability to work along with mounting medical bills and expenses can leave a family financially and emotionally devastated.


If you or a loved one has been involved in any incident including a motor vehicle or motorcycle accident, Lawyer for Accident Injury Florida can help as we have helped thousands of current and former clients. Let us handle the stress of negotiating your claim through the legal system and dealing with insurance companies and adjusters who do not have your best interest at heart. You can then concentrate your full efforts on following doctors instructions and hopefully recovering to a pre-injury status.

If you are approached by an insurance adjuster or agent DO NOT SIGN ANYTHING!


Immediately after obtaining emergency medical treatment if necessary, call a trial attorney at Vassallo, Bilotta, Friedman & Davis at (561) 471-2800. Consultation is free and you will know that you have our team on your side. Vassallo, Bilotta, Friedman & Davis has seasoned trial lawyers with over 75 years of trial experience protecting legal rights and seeking compensation for victims and their families. You will speak directly with an attorney who will handle all aspects of your case.


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